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The Walrus Cheese Literary Review is a collection of fiction drawn from material submitted to reddit.com, the best of that site's community of writers, poets and storytellers. All material is drawn from one of the writing-based subreddits and is professionally edited before publication.

The Walrus Cheese Literary Review is the first literary journal drawn exclusively from material posted to reddit.com and is also the first literary journal to be available under both the Creative Commons Attribution Share-alike License and the Open Setting License. Contact the reddit user: WalrusCheese for more information. You can follow the Walrus Cheese Literary Review on Facebook

The Walrus Cheese Literary Review is not affiliated with reddit.com or Condé-Nast Publishing.

Volume 1: This inaugural issue begins with an epic round of Russian roulette and includes a pair of thought-provoking short stories with surprising conclusions, two richly poetic prose pieces and a brilliant poem about blame. Buy it on Amazon or Smashwords!

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