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The Occupy This Series! is an ongoing fictional series that spans multiple formats. The premise is to use the selection of fictional elements (e.g. characters) as an allegorical stand-in for economic activity. Thus, Occupy This Novel!, for example, is about characters protesting their lack of inclusion in fiction. Using this shared conceit, authors can adapt the idea for their own style and format while expressing their personal beliefs about economic or political issues.

Occupy This Novel! (Amazon - Smashwords) - When characters who rarely have a role in novels decide that they are fed up with the status quo and begin to Occupy the works of authors, they have the simple goal of starting a conversation. The protesting characters are united in their demand for a fairer system of fiction, but divisions arise over how best to achieve equality. The Occupiers soon find that the authors of the world aren’t taking their movement in stride, and have an enforcer who will stop at nothing to make sure literature itself isn’t overthrown. The rebelling characters battle through novels and poems, gather allies from ancient archetypes and even stage an attack on a major motion picture. What started as a simple message from the less-successful characters to the authors who fail to cast them turns into an epic adventure about characters gaining independence and fashioning narratives of their own.

Occupy This Theater! (Smashwords) The play “This Will Definitely End in a Wedding” is about an engaged couple whose relationship only begins to play out before the performance is interrupted by an Occupation. Eight characters upset about their underuse in modern theatre protest the play while it is ongoing, demanding a fairer representation in fiction and refusing to allow the production to continue. The Occupiers, unable to agree amongst themselves on how best to reform theatre, succumb to bickering, while the playwright sends a Narrator to get the story back under control. Finally the Occupiers and the named characters alike begin to reach a conclusion on achieving equality, independence and fulfillment without the oppression of the authorial monopoly.

"The Alley Is His Home Occupy This Poem!" is a poem interrupted by a coalition of metaphors upset that they are rarely used by writers.

If you are interested in contributing to this series, please email modrobene AT theonosis.com. The following titles and formats are already in progress by other authors:

  • Occupy This Myth! or Occupy This Fable!
  • Occupy This Tale! or Occupy This Legend!
  • Occupy This Comic Book! or Occupy This Graphic Novel!
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